3200HP Cummins, COBB Tuning and ETS FAB SCHOOL! | Today At HPA [UPDATE 230]

00:00 PRI Trip: Andre gives a quick update on the PRI trip late last year with one of the standouts being the 3200HP Cummins based diesel engine from D&J Precision Machine. Andre filmed and interview with Drew from D&J that will be released in the coming weeks.

05:50 HPA 86: We’re STILL having issues with our Driveshaft Shop axles, the latest failure being the inner CV. We’re hoping some replacements are here for our next race meet and are working hard with DSS to figure out what is going on with our relatively lightweight 450HP car on narrow slicks to have so many issues with axles rated to 1000HP.

09:54 ETS Fabrication School: ETS Fab School is live! This is something we have been working on getting off the ground with Nigel Petrie of Engineered to Slide for some time and the last thing we did before leaving the office before Christmas was flick the switch to turn it all on and make the first course, Motorsport Fabrication Fundamentals, available for purchase. Nigel is already working on the next course which is due out late Feb or early March,

14:35 The year will see the release of the Practical Diesel Tuning course after a few twists and turns delaying things, but all for the better as Nick Priegnitz of DuramaxTuner in the US is now presenting the course meaning there will be access to more Duramax, Cummins and Powerstroke etc engines for further diesel tuning content that we have locally here in New Zealand.
If you haven’t heard of Nick, you should definitely look him up as he’s well regarded in the industry for his modifying and tuning skills along with his ever-growing team behind him.

26:03 Other releases: In other HPA course material you can now find the TunerStudio/MegaSquirt/MS3 Pro Worked Example, one from COBB Tuning that we have been looking forward to releasing for a LONG time as well as the LS1 Practical Engine Building Worked Example.

18:50 RaceCraft: In RaceCraft news the first Data Analysis Fundamentals course is in production along with one on Corner Weighting. Andre also runs through some of the basics of data analysis to show you what will be covered along with the AIM SOLO2 which we have been testing.

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