3400HP From ONE Pump! | What Do YOU Know About Brushless Fuel Pumps? [TECH NUGGET]

1100 litres of fuel flow per hour at 110 psi. That's 3400 horsepower of fuel flow capability from ONE fuel pump!

Providing enough fuel for a very high power race engine is obviously challenging. And we've probably all seen cars equipped with fuel systems consisting of multiple fuel pumps mounted in surge tanks and fuel tanks making sure that the engine has sufficient fuel to remain safe and reliable under high power operation.

The problem with this is when you are faced with multiple pumps, it provides complexity both in the installation as well as the ability for more parts to go wrong. Basically, we're opening ourselves up for more potential areas for failure. A technology that certainly isn't new but one that we've been seeing emerge over the last few years is the use of brushless fuel pumps, but the pump itself is not the tricky bit it’s the requirement of a specialised controller that is utilised to control the fuel pump speed.

Andre runs us through some of the details of Injector Dynamics Fuel Pump and Controller offerings such as 1100 litres of fuel flow per hour at 110 psi which is around 3400 horsepower of fuel flow capability. If you're running E85 this drops to around about 2200 horsepower. Another advantage of the ability to control flow with a brushless fuel pump setup like this is the ability to remove some of the excess heat that is added to the fuel when it is circulated unnecessarily.

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