What's The 3500HP Question? | Drivetrain Power Loss [TECH TALK]

3500HP is your output, but how much engine power is lost in your transmission and drivetrain before it makes it to the ground? 10%, 20%? Does a 1500HP engine lose more or less than a 500HP engine, or do they lose the same percentage?

These are questions that Mainline Dyno are soon going to be able to answer with their special 3500HP dyno cart, and there is quite a parts list for this Emtron KV16 ECU controlled build! It’s running Brodix heads and 632 CI block, twin Garrett GTX 5533 turbos, Hogan Racing sheet metal inlet manifold, Pat Performance Built turbo manifold, Turbosmart wastegates, Rossler Turbo400 transmission, MoTeC PDM and dash along with more sensors and Autronic ARF meters than you can shake a stick at.

All of the sensors and ECU data feed into the MoTeC C1212 dash logger turning it into a central data hub for ease of analysis which also allows the team to switch between ECU options, such as Haltech, for further comparison testing. All of this also feeds into Mainlines own feature-rich software allowing more logging and also a real-time observation of numerous parameters.

Check back in the future for the next update, and in the meantime learn a bit more about how to tune something like this here.


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    I watched the live web cast the other night on the basics of how to flash and basics of tuning GM LS based ecms. There was a promotion Andre was giving to get started for 299.00. I don't see it here on the website, how do I aquire this? My name is Thomas Crowther. Thank you guys!
    - Tfcrow USA
    17 months ago