500HP, 280km/h & No Driver Aids | The LAST Mercedes-AMG DTM Car? [TECH TOUR]

500HP, 8,000RPM from a 4L NA V8. DTM’s last ever Mercedes-AMG entry?

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) racing series is known for the quality of racing and vehicles with its level of technology arguably being second only to Formula 1. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed Andre was lucky enough to get a closer look at the 500HP, 8,000RPM 4l V8 2018 Mercedes-Benz C63 entry which won its final DTM season in the talented hands of Gary Paffett.

DTM rules specify the chassis/car and engine configuration that teams are allowed to use each season and this sees the naturally aspirated Mercedes-AMG 4L V8 run 2x 28mm restrictors which teams must workaround to get the most power from their unit as possible. A 93 mm bore and 73.6 mm stroke is used with forged aluminium Mahle pistons and steel rods. The power plant produces around 500HP with around 500Nm of torque to match. There are all the other usual bits you’d expect at this level such as a dry-sump system, mechanical fuel pump and a Hewlands 6-speed transmission which helps put power to the ground via a mechanical LSD with standardised gear ratios, ZF clutch and AP Racing brake package.

The electrical side of that car is handled by a range of Bosch products with their MS5.1 ECU controlling the engine and gearbox shifting, DDU driver display keeping the driver informed and giving warnings while required along with the all-important data logging duties and a PBX190 PDM replacing all fuses and relays. The built of the harness is controlled and supplied, but from the bulkhead forward manufactures must create their own to suit their engine configuration which is mounted as far back as required to give as close to a 50:50 weight distribution as possible.

The monocoque chassis is similar to that used in F1 and has carbon fibre body panels to match the rough shape of the C63, but that is where any kind of similarities to the road-going version end. Independent suspension is fitted front and rear and running no driver aids means mistakes are not forgiven lightly in this spec of car, however, the DRS equipped aero package and incredible downforce it produces no doubt help keep things shiny side up and under control at speed.

The steering wheel is bespoke and has controls for the paddle-shifted gearbox, line locker, engine map options, brake bias and of course the DRS activation button amongst others. Some aspects of the aero package, specifically the rear wing, are not cockpit adjustable however can quickly be changed during a pit stop to suit the driver's preference.

With Mercedes-AMG leaving DTM to focus on Formula E in the 2019 season this could possibly be their last ever DTM entry and victory after 30 odd years of competition and the potential of a complete DTM/Super GT merger on the cards for the future in order to make the series more attractive to manufacturers who often have their attention and costs split across a wide range of motorsport endeavours.

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Want to learn more about the Bosch PDM used in this car and some of the features a PDM offers? Check out the video below.

And in no particular order, here are some stills of the car for your viewing pleasure:

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM0

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM1

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM10

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM11

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM12

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM13

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM8

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM14

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM2

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM3

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM4

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM5

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM6

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM7

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM9

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM15

Mercedes AMG C63 DTM16


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