AE86 Endurance Build | Turbocharged 500HP 3S-GE Conversion [TECH TALK]

Here's something you won't see often, a genuine Toyota AE86 endurance car build with a sleeved cast iron block. Let's dive into it.

With not many genuine AE86’s around nowadays, many are re-badging AE85's as AE86's, but this is not the case here with this chassis which has been racing for almost 30 years with a few setup changes along the way.

The Team Heagney Racing AE86 Endurance car has undergone some pretty big changes in its time. From starting out with a 4A-GE to now running a Toyota 3S-GE BEAMS engine with a twin scroll BorgWarner S200 turbo setup. Andre talks to Ryan Heagney about the history of the car and how it was potentially one of the earlier builds to run the BEAMS engine. Also talked about are the custom pistons made for the car along with why they sleeved a cast iron block and the benefits to doing so.

Amazingly the car still runs the factory wet sump setup - If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? The whole rear end of the car was also redesigned with a Toyota Hilux head with Race Products 950 series wheel end. The car is also running a Link G4 Fury ECU and an Aim Solo2 data logger. Another consideration that is covered is setting up and tuning the AE86 for endurance racing and how that can vary from track to track.

00:00 - Intro
00:23 - Car History
01:03 - The Beams Engine
01:57 - Variable Cam Control
03:01 - Turbo Setup
03:31 - How much power?
03:45 - Fuelling
04:10 - Pistons
04:48 - Rest of the Engine specs
05:10 - Sleeving a Cast Iron Block
06:50 - Wet Sump Setup
07:42 - Drivetrain
08:10 - Rear End of the Car
09:01 - Diff Setup
10:14 - ECU & Data Package
10:36 - Analysing Data
11:09 - Tune setups
12:00 - Outro

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