500HP to 3000HP | VR38 GTR Engine Building [TECH TALK]

Why do you want to run methanol once you hit 50 PSI and 3000HP from a VR38 GTR is all well and good, but how do you get to that kind of output level?

English Racing legend Lucas English runs us through the limitations of a stock VR38 block, what amount of HP you can expect stock cranks to handle along with how many passes you might expect to get from a stroker crank. From there he gives us some insight on cylinder head sealing, boost levels and ductile iron liners.

Andre and Lucas also talk about compression ratios in relation to boost, and right throughout the interview the stepping stones of 1300HP, 2000HP etc builds are touched. We enjoyed catching up with everyone at the 2018 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack and look forward to catching up with these guys and cars again in the future to see what comes next.

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