50HP To 5000HP | Choosing Your Head Gasket | SCE Gaskets [TECH TALK]

 If you’re running 3000HP at 150PSI of boost or 30HP at 0PSI it doesn’t matter, you’re going to need to seal that combustion pressure inside the cylinder, however, the way you do this is going to be very different depending on those big, or small power levels.

00:00 - Introduction
00:30 - Composite Gaskets
02:00 - MLS Gasket, Multi Layer Steel
03:00 - Cylinder Lift/Gasket Memory
04:12 - MLS Gasket Coating, Viton
05:07 - Reusing A MLS Gasket?
06:21 - Vulcan Cut Ring Intro
06:50 - Copper O’Ring Gasket
10:45 - Vulcan Cut Ring Revisited
12:43 - Composite vs MLS In Cut Ring Gasket

Ryan Hunter of SCE Gaskets runs us through all of the essential pros and cons when it comes to the advantages of composite, Multi-Layer Steel (MLS), Vulcan Cut Ring and Copper O-ring head cylinder sealing gaskets covering all engine outputs from high output Top Fuel drag cars to your low output economy class street vehicles.

Also discussed is the potential ability to reuse MLS gaskets and what you need to pay careful attention to in order to do this safely, the way Viton coating is currently being used and the research around improving that and why a composite gasket will not cope with a high output, high compression engine and also interestingly why the head gasket for this task will not be reliable when it comes to coolant and oil sealing in a low output application.

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