560HP and 11,200 RPM | Georg Plasa Judd V8 Powered BMW E36 [TECH TOUR]

Is this 3.4L Judd V8 powered E36 BMW the most recognizable hill climb car in the world?

Built by the late Georg Plasa the sound of this 11,200 RPM 3.4L NA Judd KV675 V8 (based on their Formula 3000 KV engine) has no doubt brought millions of ears joy via YouTube and the countless hillclimb events it won (and often set course records at!) over the years. After being brought back to life with the help of a dedicated team led by friend Klaus Wohlfarth of KW Suspension, Andre was lucky enough to get to look over the BMW at this years Goodwood Festival of speed to see what makes it tick.

With 560HP care of the ex LMP2 Judd V8 engine not really being a substantial output compared to the turbocharged competition, this E36 punches well above its class, and also well under what you might expect weight wise tipping the scales at just 895kg/1,973lb. While the rules for hillclimb cars are rather loose, to line up with FIA E1 class rules it does still retain its original steel between the suspension turrets, but other than that almost every piece of the BMW has been modified for weight reduction with many parts custom made by Georg himself.

The drivetrain contains a 6-speed Hewland sequential, carbon driveshafts and half shafts, Saches carbon fibre clutch, AP Racing 6 piston calipers with Sicom carbon-ceramic discs which bring the single piece BBS magnesium rims and Avon tyres to a stop with ease. The Continential/Teves 4-channel race anti-lock system (ABS) system is customizable to allow different bite points to be set according to surface and weather conditions and the gearing can also be changed to suit the course allowing an approx max speed of 339kph/211mph. The car has extensive an extensive aero package that was wind-tunnel tested is clearly rather effective.

The electronics package contains a MoTeC M800 and Cosworth data logger/dash display and employs launch and traction control functions. Other than the replaced, expired, Recaro seat, the car is almost completely original to the spec to honour both Georg's memory, and also as a testament to his skill and dedication given how competitive the car still is to this day.

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