5L V12 Nissan S14 | 700HP Drift Car Engine Build [TECH TALK]

700HP, 9500RPM. This is what a 5L V12 Nissan S14 Silvia drift car looks and sounds like.

This V12 naturally aspirated 5L 1GZ-FE quad cam power plant is quite the talking point of Jaron Olivecronas Partstrader Nissan S14 drift car. Originally from a Toyota Century, there really is very little left from the factory after Hartley Racing Engines got their hands on it. With CNC ported heads, bespoke rods, pistons and numerous other CAD designed parts the goal is for the 9500RPM engine to become a small production run for kit-set cars.

Andre runs us through the engine including some of the critical aspects that go into getting the power produced from the car's supply of E85 fuel in the right rev ranges and to the ground via the TTi 5 speed sequential box. With an SR20DET and RB26DETT previously powering Jaron around the track, we approve of the switch up and hope you enjoy the onboard full noise footage of the 1GZ-FE in action at the end of the clip.

Want to learn how to build an engine like this? Start with a free live lesson right here.


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