6 Second SUPRA | Real Street 2000HP+ 2jz [TECH TALK]

With a 6.921s at 200mph run at Texas 2K19, this alleged 2500HP 2jz powered 1995 Supra easily caught our attention.

Jay Meagher of Real Street Performance gives Andre Simon the goods on this build, including the fact that although data etc has indicated the car is pushing 2500HP, he believes it is closer to 2200 or 2300HP. No matter that number, the car is a performer and with owner Geo Castillo peddling the team took out the 2JZ elimination class at TX2K.

The MoTeC M150 controlled 3.2L 2jz has had ‘a bit of a tune up’ and is running a Brian Crower crank, RNR aluminum connecting rods, CP-Carrillo pistons, King Racing bearings all within a billet block. Up the top is a Mazworx CNC cylinder head, Supertech valve train, GSC Racing Division R1 cam, and a 2 stage NOS system that helps the Precision Pro Mod 88 XPR turbocharger hit the desired boost level for launch, and depending on the track conditions can give some extra power. Fuelling is taken care of by 12 x Injector Dynamics ID1700x injectors and a Weldon pump.
Jay talks about some of the changes the car has undergone in order to shoot for 6 second passes instead of 7’s, and how even just shaving a few 10ths of a second off a run can require some massive engine and setup work behind the scenes. He also tells us why the car runs a M&M built TH400 auto with ProTorque converter instead of a manual transmission.

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