60 PSI Is LOW Boost? | 2400HP Drag Car Transmission [TECH TALK]

What are some of the advantages of having an automatic gearbox in a 2400HP 6-second drag car?

Nate from 99 Racing gives us some insight into the transmission setup in their 6.29s at 225mph 2400HP Toyota Camry drag car and how it allows for more consistent passes without some of the disadvantages of the past.

The Sydney Jamboree event was sadly rained off but we're keen to see what the team can do with their new GCG Turbochargers Garrett Gen 2 106mm Turbo once things wind back up.

0:00 - The Challenges of Drag Racing
0:30 - 2400HP Camry ET, MPH
1:00 - Is 60 PSI A Lot Of Boost?
1:20 - Dynoing Auto
1:39 - Transmission Options
2:08 - Automatic Gearbox Ease Of Adjustment
2:31 - How Drag Racing Clutch Works
2:52 - What Adjustments Can Be Made
3:09 - Dump Valve
4:01 - Building Boost
5:21 - Slipping for Traction
6:00 - The Downside and Solution
6:41 - Lock-up Converter
7:18 - Outro

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