650HP SR20VE Swapped GT86 Build | Ep 9 [OFF THE RECORD]

Our 3UZ-FE V8 build has hit a hurdle, so we're throwing 4 cylinders in the bin and dropping a SR20VE in it. Andre explains why this has happened and how we're trying to ensure we're able to switch the car back over to the 3UZ after the end of this season (or will it end up in the Nissan 350z.... dun dun dunnnn (it won't))

Andre also covers how to read a Garrett turbo compressor map to help find the right turbo for you application, and some of the considerations that are now needed for the 86 when it comes to cooling along with a SR20 sump removal pro-tip and a rundown on the Moroso sump that we will put to the side for now for use later when the SR20VE goes back into the 350Z.

Is this idea ill-thought-out and destined for failure? Let's find out over the next few weeks.

00:00 3UZ Delays and Plan B
04:00 Turbo Speed Sensors
06:10 How To Read A Compressor Map
12:51 Fitment Challenges: Bluetooth Steering
17:25 Engine Mounts
18:15 #sendit
18:50 Moroso Sump
20:34 SR20 Pro-Tips For Newbies
23:30 Outro

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