800hp ALL MOTOR Club Racer

No boost, no worries! This C5 Corvette is filling the trophy cabinet on displacement alone.

Jake Rozelle's C5 Z06 Chevrolet Corvette is no stranger to the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational having taken victory previously in what is a well setup street driven race car. The 800hp (to the crank) 7.2L/440cu Lingenfelter Eliminator R Spec LS7 contains forged rotating assemblies, CNC-ported cylinder heads, competition-grade fasteners, precision balance procedures & hydraulic roller camshaft internally, as well as a Dailey Engineering dry sump, Performance Design intake manifold with some tuning being done to the intake runner lengths over time. With just oil changes over the last 2 seasons of racing it certainly seems to be a package that is working well for Jake in this application.

The hydraulic cam profile is in its element with the 8,000rpm redline being within the comfort zone and the 14:1 compression engine runs E85 via a flex fuel setup in street form and Ignite Ready 90 on race day. Engine management is done by a GM ACDelco E92 ECU from a later model vehicle of the Cadillac CTS-V & Corvette C6 ZR1 era.

While an advantage of retaining a OEM GM ECU originally was the ability to keep features like the stock ABS system, Jake has since gone the popular route of fitting an aftermarket/standalone $1200 MK60 ABS system with an off-the-shelf tune from CSL Performance and he gives us some insight into the installation and use of such an ABS system which are becoming more and more popular at club level racing despite the initial push back from the good old armchair racers we've seen over the years.
0:00 - Winning C5 Corvette
0:25 - Why No Turbocharger?
0:58 - Engine Specifications
2:14 - Adjustable Intake Length
2:19 - Hydraulic Cam Profile
3:50 - 14:1 Compression Ratio
4:23 - Knock & MBT
4:37 - Flex Fuel
5:02 - GM ECU
5:40 - Why An OEM ECU?
7:20 - Aftermarket ABS: BMW MK60 Setup
8:18 - Why A MK60?
8:51 - ABS Sensors
9:30 - Better And Safer ABS
10:49 - Residual Pressure Valve
11:45 - Why ABS Is Awesome
13:25 - Waiting For Your Call Helmut Marko
13:32 - Thanks Jake!
13:43 - The More You Know The Faster You Go!

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