85% of DIESEL Tuning Issues... | Boost Leaks and Pre-Checks [FREE LESSON]

Do you know what to check before tuning your diesel engine?

0:00 - Intro
0:11 - Part I: Vehicle Checks
0:20 - The Basics: Oils, Filters, Wear and Tear
0:56 - Boost Leaks
1:46 - Engine AND Transmission Modifications
2:05 - Engine Application
2:32 - Part II: Dyno Checks
2:37 - Tyres, Vents, Hood Linings etc
2:57 - Diagnostics
3:19 - Practical Diesel Tuning Course

What is your diesel engine being used for? Daily driver, drag racing, heavy towing? This and the overall condition it is in along with any previous modifications are something you or your chosen tuner need to know about before any work is started. Nick Priegnitz runs us through these points, along with how in his experience as a professional diesel tuner 85% of vehicles that have issues on the dyno are found to have boost leaks as the cause.

Doing a boost test and checking for boost leaks before tuning is therefore standard practice along with ensuring you know about any modifications that have been made including those that are hard to spot at a glance like injector upgrades and transmission modifications.

Checking the diagnostics codes for any current or previous issues is also a tip that is passed on to help make sure you get the results you anticipate from your tuning session.

Want to learn how to tune a performance diesel engine? Check out the Practical Diesel Tuning Course here.



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