9.2L, 3000HP Mazda RX3 | Twin Turbo Big Block V8 [TECH TOUR]

It’s not often you see a turbocharged 9.2L big block Chev spooned into a Mazda RX3 coupe, but that’s exactly what Castle Hill Performance have done, and we’re glad they did.

Producing around 3000HP with the help of 2 Precision 98mm Gen2 turbochargers this RX3 is the fastest in the X275 Radial class in Australia at the time of filming with a 4.26 @ 182mph on the 1/8th and a 6.7s pass on the 1/4 mile, although it’s not set up for this.

The 560cu Chev runs a Crower stroker crank, BME rods and pistons, Jesel rocker gear, CID heads and titanium valves and a dry-sump oiling system helps keep lubrication on point. The 98mm Gen2 turbos run Turbosmart external wastegates and a CO2 boost control system managed by the Haltech Elite 2500. A modified 2-speed Turbo 400 transmission is used to help drive power to the Ford 9” rear differential.

Interestingly this was the first car in the world to run Haltechs REM (Race Engine Management) expansion module as it was used to test the torque management system this features which monitors driveshaft speed vs time in order to act as a form of traction control by cutting or retarding timing when wheel slip is detected. The REM unit also allows for the 8 extra injectors required, bringing the total to 16 in staged format.

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