9 x Pro Tuner Tips: Your BOOST Control Tuning Guide

Small mistakes can lead to big problems when it comes to accurate boost control. Let's take a quick look at 4 of the most common issues we see when tuning cars that haven't been setup quite right when it comes to their boost control system.

Once you have that dialled in, we can move on to 5 quick tips on how to approach your turbo engine tune safely. These will be steps the people with the horror stories of blowing up their engines while trying to learn how to tune have certainly ignored. Knowledge is power as they say, but also, importantly, it's safety in the case of EFI tuning.
0:00 - Boost Control Issues
0:48 - 1.) Wastegate Sizing & Location
1:49 - 2.) Plumbing Mistakes
2:45 - 3.) Tuning Details
3:20 - 4.) Component Failure
4:21 - You Can Tune Safely Using These Techniques
5:05 - 1.) Boost Cut
5:33 - 2.) Disable Electronic Controls
7:15 - 3.) Don't Start With A Full Ramp Run
8:06 - 4.) Slowly Add Boost And Test
9:00 - 5.) Tuning Is An Iterative Process
10:04 - We Hope This Helps You Tune Better & Safely

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