950HP GTR Telemetry System | ‘RB28’ Time Attack Skyline [TECH TALK]

Time Attack abuse of a 950HP at 32 PSI of boost Nissan R33 GTR Skyline.

On-board racing footage at end of clip!

950HP at 32 PSI of boost from an RB platform is common for drag racing these days, but we take a look at what goes into making sure reliability is maintained when the engine is worked much harder on the track during a World Time Attack Challenge event.

Tuner Mitch of Maatouks Racing gives Andre some insight into the advantages the MoTeC based telemetry system gives the Worlds Best Technology / Samsung team over more basic in-car monitoring and data logging options. Also discussed is the Precision 6870 Turbo boosted Nitto 2.8 stroker RB28 engine built by PMC Race Engines and the MoTeC package which includes 2 x PDMs, a C187 dash and M150 GPR ECU.

In relation to telemetry, we learn what is monitored during testing/shakedown runs and what matters the most when it comes to race day.

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