975HP Ford BARRA Swapped R32 Skyline | XR32 Grim Performance [TECH TALK]

Nissan Skylines are one of the most popular cars from the ’90s and 2000’s for modification, but throughout all those years we’ve never seen one quite like this.

Capable of 975HP at 28PSI, Dennis O’Malley had the XR32, a Ford Barra powered R32, dialed back to 850HP at 23PSI for this years Turbosmart Flying 500 at the World Time Attack Challenge in order to make the car a little more ‘user friendly’, but unfortunately didn’t get a good run due to some ongoing fuel pressure issues. The Micks Motorsport built Barra runs Siemens Deka 2400cc injectors, Haltech Elite 2500 ECU, Ford Falcon T56 box with S1 Shifter, forged internals and a Plazmaman Plenum is used along with a 6 piece cast manifold, but due to the nature of the swap pretty much everything else has been custom made to fit.

The RB26 and RB30 platforms are a solid choice when it comes to making good power with driveability, but the original owner of this R32 GTST turned GTR Nissan Skyline wanted to do something a little bit different, and a 4L Ford ‘Barra’ engine was squeezed in and a RWD only setup used due to packaging issues. The car is originally a GTST, but a GTR rear end has been fitted along with GTR sills and front panels

The traction issues discussed are in part due to what was supposed to only be a temporary turbo setup of a Precision 6766 turbo with an undersized rear housing which narrows the usable rev range, but there are future plans to remedy this issue and also fit some bigger rubber under the rear at the same time to get to power the ground.

BARRA: For those unaware, the Barra is a 4L DOHC, VCT equipped inline 6 produced in and by Ford Australia originally for their ‘Barramundi’ BA Falcon and SX Territory model lines, and although nowhere near as common, a V8 variant was also produced. A turbocharged XR6 Falcon variant of the I6 Barra also came from the factory, but at 326HP it was well short of the 975HP capable build here.

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