A 9L 2000kW V10 Viper That Almost Hits 400 km/h | World RECORD [TECH TALK]

With almost 3000HP (over 2000kW) from around 30 Psi of boost Sal Patels street legal 1999 Dodge Viper holds the RWD World Record for the standing ½ mile with a speed of 244.43 mph (393.37 km/h) achieved after this video was filmed as well as having a solid 6.96 second pass at 215 mph on the ¼ mile.

Chris Delgado of ProSpeed Autosports runs us through how the VP Import Fuels fed ProEFI controlled, Precision Engine & Turbo powered and Drummond Racecars built 542 cu in V10 uses Darton Sleeves within it’s stock alloy block to help maintain reliability.

This interview really gets into some great detail on how you can control boost accurately from low to high using CO2, and how without the use of nitrous at altitude the car wouldn’t even reach 1 Psi of boost. Chris also explains why he prefers to retard the ignition timing where possible instead of opting for straight cuts in relation to traction control plus he points out some of the other physical changes made to the car in order to avoid use of traction control at all.

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