A Tuners Guide to PRI 2014

Well it’s PRI time again and for those of you attending the show it can be hard to know where to head first. With so many booths and so many products on display, PRI can be a bit overwhelming when you first arrive. Don’t worry though as HPA have got your back with our ‘Tuner’s guide to PRI2014’. We snuck in while the crews were still setting up, to give you our top picks of the booths you NEED to visit if tuning and EFI technology is your passion.

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Link/Vi-PEC 3226

Electronz are displaying their range of plug-in and standalone ECUs suitable for use in anything from professional race series, through to road cars.

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Electromotive - 1832
US manufacturer of engine control systems, ignition systems and trigger systems are displaying at booth 1832. In particular they are showcasing their new flagship ECU, the TEC EVO.

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ARP - 801
While not strictly EFI related, US fastener manufacturer ARP are attending and displaying their complete product range. What caught our eye was the 2000+ hp ARP-equipped Duramax engine on display!

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00004

Mainline Dyno - 5259
This Australian based dyno company have bought their huge Pro Hub dyno for extremely high horse power handling with no wheel spin. The drag car that is bolted up is also worth a look.

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Innovate - 837
Innovate are well known for their electronic performance products, including their wideband controllers and their recently released boost controller. Check out their product range at booth 837

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Haltech - 608
Haltech should need no introduction and they are attending PRI again this year. New for PRI is their Elite 1500 ECU, designed specifically for the 4 cylinder market.

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Oreca - 431
Oreca is a supplier of motorsport equipment and apparel, however what really caught our eye was the 4 cylinder WTCC engine. It’s not often you get to snoop around an engine like this so up close and personal - Definitely worth a look.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00010

Plex Tuning - 240
Plex Tuning from Greece are displaying again with their new updated Knock Monitor V2 as well as their logging dash display and boost controller.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00009

HP Tuners - 126
HP Tuners offer reflashing software to suit a wide range of GM and Ford vehicles. If your vehicle is supported by HP Tuners, it’s a great option for improving performance.

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MoTeC - 4743
As well as their range of M1 ECUs and power distribution modules, Motec are showing off their new 7” dash displays here at PRI, as well as their T2 telemetry system.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00019

EFI Live - 352
EFI Live provide reflashing support for a range of GM petrol and diesel engines, providing sophisticated software tools to unlock the tuning potential of a wide range of supported vehicles.

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Superflow - 5501
World renowned dyno manufacturer Superflow are displaying their latest engine dyno offerings. Superflow are now a North American distributor for the Rototest range of hub chassis dynos.

Dynojet - 5629
Well respected US manufacturer of dynos and performance fuel and ignition products Dynojet, are displaying their range of of products, including their rolling road chassis dynos.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00017

Aim - 5019
Aim are displaying their 2015 product line of dashes, cameras, sensors. Their range is suitable for everyone from club level through to professional racers.

Dyno Com - 5549
Dynocom are displaying their range of rolling road chassis dynos.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00007

Racetech - 4251
So it't not really EFI related, but they are close friends of HPA and another company from little ole New Zealand. If you are in the market for quality race seats, Racetech’s booth is worth a look! We run Racetech in our 350z.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00015

Life Racing - 4349
Life Racing offer engine, gearbox and chassis control electronics and are commonly found in the likes of Le Mans, WRC and Formula Ford.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00006OBR - 4151

OBR is a UK-based manufacturer of professional-level engine control, power distribution systems and CAN-based keypads.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00011

Racepak - 3323
If you need data analysis equipment for your road or race car, Racepak have got you covered from sensors to displays and data loggers.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00014

Megasquirt - 3359
Megasquirt’s unique ‘DIY’ ECU options have long appealed to the more hands-on in the industry, however now you have the option of plug-in models for some of the more common applications to get you up and running faster.

Tuners Guide PRI 2014 00003

Garrett - 2943
Turbocharging giant Garrett are displaying their latest range of products, suitable for everything from OEM installations through to Pro Mod drag cars.


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