Accurate Fuel Control Starts With...? | Injector & Fuelling Setup [TECH TALK]

Setting up your injectors correctly is a vital part of the tuning process, are you doing it correctly?

Accurate fuel control starts with accurate data, and in this [TECH TALK] Andre covers setting up your injectors correctly plus how to maximise the use of your injector setup to get the best performance possible. Also covered is how modern injector technology has developed and how your specific gasoline, ethanol or methanol etc based fuel choice will hugely affect the injector size and fuel flow requirements. Staged injection is also touched on and how you can set it to suit your own fueling needs.

Lastly, we'll look at how to define your injectors within standalone ECU software, using an Adaptronic ECU for the example, and integrating from your primary to secondary injectors. Also mentioned is how important it is to log your data and how you can use it to monitor the duty cycle of your injectors.

00:00 - Intro
00:24 - New vs Old Injectors
01:10 - But what about performance builds?
01:30 - Switching Fuels
02:10 - Fitting Larger Injectors
02:46 - Staged Injection
04:45 - Providing More fuel flow
05:39 - Staging the Injectors
08:13 - Defining your injectors
09:17 - Integrating from Primary to Secondary
10:25 - 2 Stage Injection Map
11:46 - Data Logging & Controlling Duty Cycle
13:09 - Outro

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