Almost Out Of TIme! Aero And More | Today At HPA [UPDATE 251]

Aero calculations, staged injection and more! This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson ‘251 | Using RomRaider and MLVHD’. Details on membership below.

With racing only a few weeks away and our 3UZ-FE build having some major delays it’s time to pull finger and start looking at an alternative option/s and get the aero package from Topstage Composites onto the car.

That is only one part of the process, however, as with more downforce both suspension and tyres require adjustment and care of OptimumG’s OptimumDynamics software new kid Tim (fresh from V8 Supercar Race Engineering) will put our mounting designs and set up plans to the test before we hit the track. This will ideally save us some time and allow for minor setup changes once everything is physically ready to go, rather than major ones.

Also discussed in some details are recent releases on staged injection and AEM’s foray into the world of electrical vehicles. Foray is probably an understatement here as AEM Performance Electronics have fully committed to a new line of EV VCU’s via their AEM EV arm and we’re frothing to see where things head in this area from grassroots through to professional motorsports (with Formula E leading the ‘charge’ there of course).

00:00 Intro
00:30 Oh Shit, It’s Almost Race Season.
02:00 Rear Wing Mount
04:04 Suspension And Tyres VS Downforce
07:00 OptimumDynamics
07:56 Shock Pots/Potentiometers
10:00 Izze Racing IR Sensors
12:20 Engine Plan-ish
13:10 Welcome to Tim!
14:26 Staged Injection
17:13 AEM EV Release
18:47 Wiring Promotion
22:00 Outro

WEBINAR INFO: If you’re reflashing using the RomRaider or ECUFlash software then understanding how to get the required logging out of the factory ECU, and how to quickly interpret it so that you know what changes to make to your calibration. In this webinar we’ll look at the RomRaider logger and how to utilise Mega Log Viewer HD to fast track your tuning.

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