Anti-Lag, HPA 86 Woes, Parts Shop Max Hubs and MORE | Today At HPA [UPDATE 231]

We talk Anti-Lag, hubs, solid-state relays, brake ducting and more. This is Andres update that came right before your members-only webinar lesson ‘231 | Megasquirt Tuner Studio Software Tutorial Plus Tips and Tricks’. Details on membership below.

01:16 MounTune Fresh Air Anti-Lag System: Andre discusses the Instagram post and video release (linked below) on the MounTune ALS system used on their World Rallycross setups, but first rounds off on what anti-lag is and why it’s used.

05:35 Toyota 86 Woes: Quick update on the DSS 1000HP axle issues and CV failure. Frank, the owner of DSS, picked up the baton and shipped some replacements out to us ASAP. They still didn’t arrive in time for the next race sadly, but still good to get some more traction on getting the car running again and from there figuring out why these parts are failing in a car half the rated output.

07:14 Parts Shop Max Front Hubs: Also being fitted to the HPA 86 are some front hubs allowing for adjustments that don’t rely on spacers.
Also touched on are some of the misunderstandings around lowering your vehicle for increased performance.
10:08 Unfortunately our Velox brake cooling system doesn’t fit to these hubs so Brandon is fabricating something to replace this and making it a little bigger at the same time.

11:53 Content releases: Andre rounds off on the MegaSquirt MS3Pro example which uses a Mazda Miata/MX5/Eunos Roadster for the material but is applicable to TunerStudio in general, COBB Tuning example and LS1 Worked example again just for those that missed this info and where to find it if you already own the applicable course material.

13:53 Welcome to new guy Matt Lambert! Matt will be heading up RaceCraft and is already all over the forums and producing the Corner Weighting course which will be the next RaceCraft release.

17:06 Kaizen Relay Release: One of the recent video releases was with Reid Lunde of Kaizenspeed who gave us a great rundown on a product they plan to launch late 2020. Link below.

20:26 Giveaway: The HP Tuners giveaway has now closed sorry team.

WEBINAR INFO: The Megasquirt ECU is a popular choice for enthusiasts across the world, however getting familiar with the TunerStudio software can take some time. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the software and look at some tips and tricks to get the best out of your tuning session.

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