Are Factory Tunes As Good As You Think? | Ep 2 [OFF THE RECORD]

Open source tuning our Version 11 Subaru STi.

Often you see comments on the internet stating that 'factory engineers and car companies spent years and millions on developing engines and their factory tunes, they're already perfect' and while the first part might be true, it doesn't always mean they get it right...

In Episode 2 of [OFF THE RECORD] we're going to take a first-hand look at retuning a very mildly modified Subaru STi WRX using EcuFlash and RomRaider, plus a Tactrics OpenPort 2.0 which is pretty much the only thing you pay for when it comes to this reflash tuning solution.

Also covered is why you want to keep your Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor if you can rather than replacing it with a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor and Speed Density (SD) tune along with some of the mistakes factory calibration engineers applied a bandaid to. They are after all only humans with bosses, budgets and deadlines too


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