Are Rotaries Unreliable Pieces Of... | Ep 7 [OFF THE RECORD]

...Awesomeness? This episode, RX7 project first start, wiring, come work for us and more!

This week we get to hear some sweet, sweet FD3S RX7 project noises care of Vinnyfabs on point exhaust system and get a rundown on the ‘pre-flight checks’ that go into a first start with a project that has seen a new loom, fuel system and massive changes to the induction etc, as well as a long sit.

The in-built scope on the Adaptronic Modular ECU was used for some of these systems checks and Andre runs through the Volumetric Efficiency (VE) system used which is now popular with many aftermarket ECUs. Some of the important things to double-check on a rotary engine are covered along with one of the reasons why they get such an unfortunate reputation when it comes to reliability that is unjust (well, perhaps outside of known RX8 ownership issues, but still).

The last few teething issues have mostly been worked through and the car is now on the Mainline Pro Hub dyno waiting for Andre to come back from some family time to finish the tune.

And yes, it is a fluke that Episode 7 is on the 13B RX7 projects first start, but it’s a nice one.

00:00 - Intro
00:19 - Wheels: Advan TCIII
01:27 - Come Work For us Cuz
02:51 - Harness Construction
03:38 - Concentric Twisting/Shaky Hands Man
04:46 - Autosport Connectors
05:12 - Rotary Reliability
06:04 - Sealing The Harness
06:39 - 3D Printing
07:17 - Rotary Pro Tip
08:21 - Adaptronic Modular Series ECU
09:14 - Volumetric Efficiency
10:21 - Systems Check
11:48 - RPM Signal Check
12:40 - DBW Setup
14:15 - Fuel System
14:46 - Oil Pressure
15:54 - Will It Brap?
16:51 - First Start
17:33 - Pig Rich
18:30 - Still To Go
20:26 - The First Start Issues
22:18 - 13B Braps & Outro

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