Are You Doing This Right? | Engine Break-In Process [TECH TALK]

When doing an initial start, engine break-in or run-in, some care needs to be applied, but not always in the areas that some would have you think.

Recently Andre fitted new rods and bearings to the 400HP FA20 in our Toyota 86 and he took the change to run through what he did and didn't have to do for this partial build, along with what needs to be done when you're dealing with new piston rings and bores.

0:00 - Intro
0:58 - Break-In Process
1:29 - Bearing 'Bed in'
1:50 - Heat Cycling
2:13 - Piston Rings vs Cylinder Wall
2:46 - The Approach
3:30 - Moderate Load
4:17 - Doesn't Take Long
4:47 - Outro

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