Don't Skip This CRUCIAL Engine Check! | Piston Deck Height [#TECHTALK]

Are your pistons protruding from your block?


When building an engine with a new block you’re unlikely to come across pistons poking out the top of your block. But what happens when you’re rebuilding an older block that has been machined a couple of times already and your new pistons are sticking out?

In this [TECH TALK] Andre covers one clearance that is often taken for granted in engine building projects, deck clearance. He will explain what piston deck height is, how easy it is to check and what to keep in mind when you’re installing new pistons. Also talked about is a deck bridge tool, how it's used, what you’re measuring, and how to deal with protruding pistons. Also don’t forget to take into consideration the height of the head gasket!

00:00 - Intro
00:10 - What is piston deck height?
00:45 - Buying Pistons
01:02 - Machining your block
02:26 - Dealing with a piston crown sitting out of the block
03:34 - Deck Bridge Tool
05:20 - What you’re measuring
05:50 - Don’t forget the head gasket!
06:31 - Outro

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