Blown Diffuser Exhaust Setup & More | Today At HPA [#UPDATE 287]

We've pretty much built a SR20 powered Formula 1/F1 car now right? 😅

Blown diffuser setup, cast vs forged engine parts, alternator upgrade, new exhaust system, shock potentiometer setup and more.

These are just some of the topics covered in this [UPDATE] which came right before HPA members only webinar ‘287 | How to Use Autosport Connectors'. Details on membership below.

We're going to run through a few of the recent modifications on the SR20 swapped Toyota 86/GT86/SR86/HPA 86/Dave the race car, including the blown diffuser setup currently in the works as recommended by our aero component supplier, TopStage Composites. Andre is skeptical, but we trust they know what's up so are diving into it all.

Previously used in Formula 1/F1 before being banned, a blown diffuser sees the exhaust gasses used to help create downforce with special engine mapping required to make the most of it leading to a 'unique' sound when off the throttle.

An alternator upgrade and shock pots are the 2 other major things that have been added to the car in the last week or so with suspension data from the engine swapped 86 being used in our upcoming suspension course which is 90% complete save for this data and some animation work.

0:00 - 287 | How to Use Autosport Connectors Intro
0:25 - ProForm Comp: CLOSED
2:04 - SR86 Update
2:29 - Shock Pots and Suspension - SR86
6:17 - Blown Diffuser - SR86
8:59 - Alternator Upgrade - SR86
11:23 - Cast vs Forged Components
13:17 - HPA Tech Torque podcast
14:09 - Booting Transitions in Motorsport Wiring
15:38 - Free Lesson, Hit Subscribe, See You Next Time

WEBINAR INFO: If you want to use Autosport connectors for your next harness, understanding how to correctly terminate the contacts is critical. This requires an understanding of the DMC crimp tool, positions, and the correct settings for the crimp tool. Achieving the correct strip length prior to crimping is also critical. In this webinar we’ll discuss these elements as well as demonstrating the procedure.

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