Brake Bias 101 | Do You Need A Pedal Box?

Want adjustable brake bias? This is a solution.

While common in professionally built race cars, a pedal box is not something you’re going to see in your production car and as such, there is a little bit of confusion around what a pedal box is and why you might need one. Some features such as the ability to adjust the position and bite points of each pedal to suit a specific drivers preference are obvious and beneficial, but this is not the main advantage.

Unlike the production car setup, a pedal box in a race car such as this one from PE Racing controls not one single master cylinder, but instead with one dedicated for the front and one for the rear giving the freedom for independent adjustment. Coarse adjustments can be made during car setup, but finer adjustments on the fly by the driver are also possible. This gives the driver the ability to compensate for shifting weight balance as fuel is burned, or to adjust the bias according to track and tyre conditions such as rain.

0:00 - Pedal Boxes In Motorsport
0:16 - Production Car Brake Bias
0:51 - Pedal Box Master Cylinders
1:01 - Coarse Adjustment
1:16 - Fine Adjustment
1:47 - Wet Weather Advantages
2:05 - Adjustability: Ratios and Ergos
2:30 - Cable or DBW
2:56 - Thumbs Up, Learn More

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