Build your own MoTeC M1 Engine Management System

MoTeC have just released their highly anticipated M1 Build software. M1 Build is a dedicated software package that works exclusively with their M1 Series ECUs to allow developers to create their own firmware. This gives almost unlimited possibilities to support almost any engine or application. You are now not locked down to using an ECU in a specific way and trying to adapt this to work with your application. If you need a feature or control strategy, you can create it using M1 Build.

With the advanced capabilities of the M1 ECUs and a properly tailored package written with M1 Build, a truly integrated solution can be created to support modern cars with direct injection, multiple CAN buses and dual clutch gearboxes. This gives developers the ability to create solutions for unsupported vehicles and then onsell the solution around the world.

M1 Build key features:

  • Support for port injection or direct injection engines
  • Drag and drop and configure predefined modules to generate a tailored ECU package
  • Use any of the supplied control modules or create your own strategies
  • Develop unique strategies specific to your application to gain the competitive advantage
  • Create a unique vehicle specific solution and then onsell your IPWrite your own strategies or use a third party developer
  • Experience with C, C++ or Java may be an advantage

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    Hi HPA Team,

    Do you guys plan on having webinars regarding the usage of this software?

    Thanks, Arthur.
    - archiethehoff Austria
    4 years ago