But, does it fit..? | Ep 1 [OFF THE RECORD]

You know you have a problem when you're 'not a rotary guy at heart' yet just happen to own two FD3S RX7's...

To keep Brandon sane during weeks lockdown here in New Zealand he has been working on his modelling skills. There was a lack of interested in this, so he quickly moved onto 3D modelling to make the most of our new 3D printer which has been much more fruitful enabling us to put it to work on various projects around HPA labs. A mount to hold part of the new DBW throttle system is the first test and you can enjoy the nice pressure-free environment of his boss and a camera to find out if he managed to deliver or not...

Andre also takes us a little behind the scenes in this first episode of [OFF THE RECORD] and gives a rundown on how the FD3S RX7 build came about, Turblown and Vinny Fabs involvement along with why our original red RX7 was put to the side.

We're hoping to make updates like this on the regular if you like em or hate em let us know along with anything you might like to see covered.

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