Cam Swap | 650HP SR20VE Engine Conversion | SR86 EP 10 [#BUILD]

With the Kelford 184ST cams making more peak power than we ever expected, why would we swap them?

In this [BUILD] update Andre runs thought the reason why Nissan P12 Primera cams are being fitted to the SR20 along with how he expects this to see the VVL switch point drop from 6,750rpm to as low as 4,500-5,000rpm.

The new TiAL exhaust housing has now been fitted since we had it anyway, and some clearance and serviceability modifications were carried out now that we have the time in order to catch up on all the skipped little things that took a backseat during our push to get this all up and running to start with.

Disappointingly our head has come back once again with the same issue, but on the upside, this gives Andre the chance to explain why this is an issue at all and how it is something you need to consider whenever you reseat your valves in an engine running tight clearances. It's also great to be able to take a moment to check for these issues before hitting the track due to the more relaxed timeframe.

In other news the RaceCraft car is back up and running ready for the local Highlands Sprint Series at Highlands Motorsport Park, but after getting the front end sorted check out what happened to the rear end during a small racing incident in the next update on the RC86.

0:00 - Where Things Are At
1:01 - Head Work
1:42 - Bent Valve
2:16 - Back In The Shop
2:30 - Same Issue
3:09 - Machining Retainer - Care Required
4:30 - Cam Swap
4:37 - Kelford 184ST
5:25 - Stock P11 Cams
5:35 - NA To Forced Induction With Factory Cam
6:10 - Why Too Much Overlap Is Bad
6:26 - Hot Tip - Selecting Your Cam Profile
6:40 - Why The 184ST?
7:15 - The Cams Are Awesome For Peak Power
7:52 - However The Powerband Is Not Ideal
8:35 - Why Change Things Now?
9:17 - P12 Cams
10:01 - Our Aim - Lower Powerband and Peak RPM
11:07 - Expectations
11:55 - Andres 'To-Do' list
12:10 - Other Changes
12:26 - TiAL Housing
13:40 - Downpipe Finessing
15:40 - Ducting Serviceability
16:40 - Why The Changes?
17:18 - Waterpump Mount
17:50 - Other Happenings
19:04 - Learn More. Go On. Do it.

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