Can You Daily Drive A 2700WHP GTR? | ETS [TECH TALK]

Pushing 3000HP at the crank and 2700WHP on a Dynojet Research Inc.​ AWD dyno @ 65 Psi of boost, the Extreme Turbo Systems​ & English Racing​ GTR is the fastest on the planet over the ½ mile at 255 MPH and the 2nd fastest on the ¼ running a blistering 6.88 @ 222 MPH

Depending on event requirements the Syvecs Ltd​ ECU controls the Injector Dynamics​ ID200 methanol fed VR38 which runs a 4.1 or 4.3 stroker kit, MAHLE​ pistons & Ferrea Racing Components​ within the Willall Racing Pty Ltd​ billet block which withstands the Precision Turbo & Engine​ 8385’s boost pressures via the aid of ETS’s own specific cylinder sealing techniques and air to water intercooler (not something you see often on a methanol build!).

This interview is packed full of knowledge including boost vs thin air racing at altitude, why your engine builder is lying to you about a 1300HP+ GTR being cheap to drive on the street and why ½ mile racing isn’t double the strain on a car despite being double the distance of a ¼ mile race.

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