Can You Have A 960HP, 42 PSI Work Whip? | F20 Honda S2000 [TECH TOUR]

At the latest TX2K we caught up with Stuart Leiby of T1 Race to talk about his excellently presented, Nyan Cat approved F20 Powered Honda S2000 drag car, that he also drives to work a few days a week.

The car runs a ‘beefed up’ Honda F20 that had a casual 120,000 miles on the block before modification. The block has Golden Eagle Mfg sleeves to ensure it survives the 960HP output at 42 PSI of boost from the Precision 64-66 turbocharger along with Pauter Rods, CP Carrillo pistons, Brian Crower cam, Ferrea valve train components with copper valve seats and head work done by Watshop? A factory Honda crank and head gasket are used, but Inline Pro 12mm head studs are used to help it all stay together.

A MoTeC M130 and C127 dash take care of the engine management and monitoring while a Quaife 6 speed sequential box helps get power to the ground along with the RPS carbon clutch, Magnus Motorsports flow control valve, RSS 5.9 axles, carbon driveshaft and Nissan R200 rear end. Ignite red, an E90 ethanol fuel blend is fed to the F20 via a set of Injector Dynamics ID1000 primary injectors and ID1700 secondaries via a brushless fuel pump.
Stuart talks to Andre about how he can double the boost pressure on a prepared surface like that at Texas 2K compared to what can be run on the street, and traction control is also discussed along with his clutch slipper system. Also touched on is how the Honda 6 speed was stubbornly held onto until 600HP before switching to the Quaife box in order to maintain some reliability. Solid effort!

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  • Theo C's profile image
    Nice to see a tech tour of an S2000. Well done!
    - Theo@FinalTune Australia
    9 months ago