Why it’s time to bin your carb | Holley EFI [TECH TALK]

As older carburetor technology is replaced by modern EFI systems, companies like Holley Performance Products are working harder to ensure those looking for improved performance by making the switch to EFI have a transition that is as quick and simple as possible. Tom Kise runs us through some of these details.

We dive into how Holley focus on making the transition from carb to EFI as easy as possible by offering fuel blow based tables (as well as VE) to keep things relatable to your carb tuning knowledge base, a number of base maps to help get you started and a great help system which when required will explain exactly what the parameters do what in relation to your tune. Not only that but there are some plug and play wiring options along with one system that can see you up and running within minutes after bolting the required parts on for some specific applications

Also discussed are some of the advantages of being able to ‘live tune’ with systems like this when compared to reflash tuning options which include dialing in your transmission on the fly to ensure the perfect setup for your own personal tastes. Lastly Tom covers some of the differences between a few of their ECU options which due to their modular design are easily upgraded as your build progresses over time.

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