Clutch Material 101, Dry Sump Rundown & FD RX7 Build | Today At HPA [UPDATE 238]

This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson ‘238 | Engine Design Considerations’. Details on membership below.

Off the bat Andre covers the test fitting we did of the Dailey Engineering dry sump supplied for a local touring car team that ran into LHD vs RHD issues, leaving 6 setups unused. We get some insight into the 5 stage setup, what some of the advantages and features are including the integrated dry-sump pump mount (nice forward-thinking/touch) and how the o-ring seals are not really needed on your OEM sump setup but are very handy for a race car that sees a lot more maintenance. Windage loss is also touched on, and sadly, why after checking it all out we are certain this setup isn’t for us. Worth a look none the less.

12:27 FD RX7: Clutch material is discussed in relation to the ORG clutch that is being fitted to the RX7 build and driveability as well as a quick mention of the installation of the flywheel which requires a fair bit of torque.

18:12 Instagram: Running a mix of trumpet lengths can help even out your torque delivery, and Andre runs through the basics including how this impacts your tuning.

WEBINAR INFO: When you’re considering the options for a new engine build there’s a lot to think about and multiple potential options to explore. You’re also going to be spending a lot of money and naturally, you want to make the best decisions possible to net you the best results the first time around. In this webinar, we take the opportunity to talk through our own design considerations to replace our recently destroyed race engine for our Toyota 86.

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