Damage Report - HSS Round 1

2 days, 2 cars, 2 breakages 0 race starts. Enthusiastically I packed up the Nissan 350z on to the trailer without the expert guidance of my motorsport mentor Andre. And again solo I headed to the track to compete in my first competitive circuit event. The Round 1 of 3 in the Highlands Sprint Series. 

IMG 3677

Day one consisted of 5 practice sessions. All was going well until deep into the last session I noticed the brake pedal completely go away, and soon after, smoke started appearing from the front right wheel. I exited the track as soon as I could and parked up in the pits. Brake fluid was still leaking from the caliper and a small but smokey fire was burning fuelled by a rubber dust boot. A quick blast of the fire extinguisher got the fire under control, however my day was done and the prospects weren't looking good for tomorrows race. I packed the 350z up and headed back to HPA Labs. 

IMG 3683

On further inspection later in the week Andre found I had run out of brake pads and just kept going. The brake piston essentially welding itself to the remains of the pad. For those of you who don't know, I'm just getting into motorsport. I've always been around it, but never in the drivers seat. Lets chalk that up to a lesson: Check your brake pads before hitting the track.

highlands race series 14

highlands race series 13

IMG 3691Undeterred I picked up the Toyota 86 and headed back to the track the very next morning and changed my entry to the dual car sprints class to suit the 86s street car spec.

During the second lap of the first qualifying session while entering the hairpin the right front wheel locked up, smashing against the guard and just like that, my day was over. It turned out the roll centre adjuster on the front right of the 86 failed under braking. It was pretty lucky that I was only on my second lap, as if I was at race pace this wouldn't have ended well. 


86 breakages

IMG 4013

Safe to say this has been the least cost effective way to remove the old wrap. 

Andre has worked hard to get both cars back to race ready condition - For the 350z a new set of brake pads, rotors, and a reconditioned caliper. For the Toyota 86 a new Nitto NT01, new front guard and the complete removal of the custom roll centre adjusters.

The next race in the series is in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed for better luck then. 

As always a huge thanks to Andre for preparing the cars. The on going support from our sponsors RacetechNitto TyresEnkei Wheels and SP Tools

Screen Shot 2016 04 06 at 4.32.33 PM

More Photos

highlands race series 4

The Toyota 86 in the pits with damaged guard. 

highlands race series 5 

highlands race series 3

Highlands rescue crew. 

highlands race series 2

highlands race series 1

highlands race series 8

highlands race series 7

highlands race series 6

highlands race series 12

highlands race series 11

highlands race series 10

highlands race series 9 


  • Jacob Anemaat's profile image
    Maybe a Track Day Checklist would be handy so you don't have to remember everything.

    Something along the lines of:

    1. Fit Dorian (or other timing device)
    2. Check and charge battery
    3. Check fire extinguisher
    4. Check fluids (Coolant, Engine Oil, DriveTrain Oils, Brake/Clutch Fluid, Safety wire drain plugs)
    5. Set fuel level and Record (kgs or litres of fuel used for consumption per lap calculations)
    6. Check Tyre tread depth record.
    7. Check Brake pad and rotor thickness (safety wire brake bolts)
    8. Spanner check each corner of suspension with wheels off
    9. Torque wheels and set tyre pressure
    10. Adjust mirrors, give the car a quick clean/wipe down and inspection.

    You could always add more, but I think something like this would be a great starting point for anybody about to hit the track.
    - Jakeinator492 Australia
    4 years ago