Flip a seat cushion, crack a tap and boom, instant 1 million extra duck powers, right. Right?
While nitrous, or NOS, is often thought of as an easy alternative to a turbo or supercharger for more engine power, that simply isn’t the case and for cars fitted with NOS systems sometimes it’s not even used while the car is 'full jandal' and in motion.

TX2K had a number of examples of just this with many small capacity engines running giant turbos that would only crawl away from the line if not for a quick hit of nitrous. Often a hit, or shot, is only milliseconds long and just serves to get the car up onto 2 step limiter (a lower rev limit that’s used just for your launch) and ready to launch.

Also covered is why nitrous is not an easy option to get a boatload more power from an already maxed turbocharger and from there Andre explains the difference between wet and dry nitrous shots, as well as direct port and single nozzles and the purpose of purging.

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