Diesel Tuning 101,  Turblown RX7 Update and Clutch Setup | Today At HPA [UPDATE 237]

The Practical Diesel Tuning course is live and the Turblown Engineering FD3S RX7 project is finally on the go again which gives us another chance to show off some of the awesome work Vinny fabrication has done as well as discuss our ORG twin-plate clutch setup.

This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson ‘237 | Air Intake Restrictions Explained’. Details on membership below.

WEBINAR INFO: It goes without saying that in order to make maximum power from any engine we need to get as much air into the engine as we can. Most people can understand that a restrictive air filter can reduce airflow and sacrifice power, however it’s easy to overlook the other potential restrictions in the inlet system. In this webinar we’ll discuss the restrictions and see how you can quantify them in your data.

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