Direct Injected AE86 | Dai Yosihara's 350HP K20C1 'Type R' Toyota [TECH NUGGET]

What do you do if you want a reliable 350HP Toyota AE86 with a point of difference?

Formula D legend Dai Yosihara’s Toyota Corolla AE86 build was a standout at SEMA as not just a mint example, but also a rather unique one. Powered by a gasoline direct injected Honda K20C1 from a FK8 Civic Type R adds some complications, but also likely makes this the world's first K20C1 powered AE86. The Type R Civics K20C1 power plant was chosen due to its factory output of 300 to 350HP with ease giving the AE86 Corolla enough power to have fun with solid reliability.

A DI engine swap isn’t something that is a common undertaking yet, and it does come with some complications. This is namely due to the limited engine management options, and the requirements of a direct injection fuel system which can see pressures of 150bar (2800 PSI) compared to a port injected engines typical 3-4bar. As swaps like this become more common, the likes of Link ECU, MoTeC and Syvecs will have more company as being suppliers of GDI capable ECUs, giving the aftermarket more and more options at varying price points.

Despite DI technology still being ‘new’ to the aftermarket with only a very small percentage of people doing DI swaps or tuning, the K20C1 is well proven already as being a solid platform due to its use at Formula 3 and 4 levels.

Engine: Honda K20C1 from a FK8 Civic Type-R with a GReddy intercooler kit, Elmer Engineering 3D printed intake adaptor.
Turbo: Factory Mitsubishi TD04 single-scroll
Transmission: Honda S2000 6-speed with a McLeod Racing clutch assembly and flywheel
Fuel System: Radium Engineering fuel cell surge tank
Brakes: StopTech big brake kit
Suspension: KW Suspension 3-way coilovers (custom-spec), Techno Toy Tuning custom 4-link rear
Cooling: CSF Radiators

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