Does More BOOST Always Mean More POWER? | Performance Diesel Tuning [FREE LESSON]

More boost means more power right? The answer may surprise you...

When you make changes to your map to command more boost, what does your engine and turbo do to compensate? Diesel tuning tutor Nick Priegnitz runs us through this lesson with 3 back to back runs of incremental boost changes made using EFILive from 33 to 40 PSI and then goes through the dyno graph data to compare vane angle and horsepower differences.

0:00 - All The Boost?
0:32 - Lesson Plan
0:58 - Desired Boost Table Changes
2:14 - Dyno Runs x 3
3:18 - Comparing Runs, First Run - 33-34 PSI
4:04 - Second Run - 36-37 PSI
4:44 - Third run - 40-41 PSI
5:29 - Dynograph Analysis
6:35 - The Cleanest Map?
7:05 - More Power Expected? The Result
7:53 - Torque Vs Horsepower vs AFR Conclusion
8:21 - Outro

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