Don't Remove Your ITB WASTEGATE! | Individual Throttle Body Tuning [#TECHTALK]

Higher Boost, Higher RPM = A Turbo Choke Point?

When it comes to Tuning ITB’s unfortunately simply tuning with the Speed Density Principal can present certain complications. Luckily using Alpha-N we can avoid these pitfalls to get reliable inputs, air fuel ratio readings and results.

In this [TECH TALK] Andre dives into aftermarket tuning of ITB’s with the Emtron KV8 ECU using Alpha-N on an R34 GTR. Talked about is using and understanding Emtune, the Emtron tuning software, the difference ITB’s can make with the Ignition Table, AFR and the Target Lambda Table.

Also covered is how a lot of people assume when tuning ITB’s you need to remove or wire open your wastegates, but this can actually be counterproductive. Lastly, Andre dives into how with ITB tuning when you reach a higher boost and higher RPM the turbocharger/s can become a choke point and explains how as a tuner you can get around this via a secondary load table.

0:00 - Intro
0:23 - The Speed Density Principal
01:00 - Why doesn’t it work with ITB’s?
02:24 - What’s the solution? - Alpha-N
03:20 - Throttle Position & Airflow Relationship
04:14 - Factory ITB’s on the RB26
05:05 - Aftermarket Tuning
05:58 - ECU
06:20 - Using & Understanding the Emtron ECU Software
08:15 - Ignition Table
09:15 - AFR
11:07 - Target Lambda Table
12:08 - Keeping a Consistent AFR
12:45 - The Problem
12:30 - The Solution
14:38 - Dealing with the Richer the AFR at Higher RPM
15:15 - Secondary Load Table
16:15 - Outro

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