DPF Removal | What Is The DPF Regeneration Process? [TECH TECH]

Contrary to popular belief, removing your DPF or CAT might not net you any performance gains.

As emissions become more important, particularly in the US market, legally modifying your vehicle is becoming more difficult. This means manufacturers have worked hard to improve diesel particulate filters (DPF) and catalytic converters (CAT) to the point that in many late model vehicles their removal alone will not give you any performance gains like it might have in the past with older vehicles.

What does this mean? Well, it means in some cases there are many people and workshops out there unnecessarily removing these items, increasing emissions and in some cases making the car illegal for no performance gains at all. The exception to this is on engines that have had other supporting modifications increasing performance over factory where the factory DPF or CAT is now restrictive due to these upgrades. There are still options for this now with products like the Bullydog Performance DPF which will keep your vehicle emissions compliant while increasing exhaust flow by around 20%.

Even if you’re not chasing performance gains products like this Performance DPF can actually be a cheaper alternative to replacing your factory DPF when required and with added devices from the likes of Bullydog and SCT which enable you to run manual regeneration cycles of the DPF ensuring a longer service life.

What is DPF regen you ask? Andre explains this as well in the video. Enjoy!

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