Ducting and Coolers | 650HP SR20VE Swap | SR86 EP 3 [BUILD]

Getting air into your cooling system is an obvious and arguably easy goal, but getting that air back out is sometimes a little trickier or sometimes even completely overlooked.

With a chunk of fabrication done as shown in episode 3, Andre and Tim give us a rundown on cooling which is one of the major considerations for this build, and the reason a turbo was never entertained for the original 3UZ-FE engine that was planned for it as the 650HP SR20VET endurance build is one week closer to a test day.

0:00 - Wax on, Wax off, Air in, Air out.
1:08 - Ducting Mock-Ups
2:06 - Rate of Expansion
2:43 - Blockage Effect
3:50 - Sealing
4:52 - Outlet Duct
5:58 - Packaging
6:53 - Compromise
7:35 - Outlet Redux
8:30 - Clearancing
9:43 - Outro Bro

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