VIDEO: Electromotive new TEC EVO Engine Management System

Electromotive is the ECU of choice for Tom Nelson's 2000 + hp twin turbo street cars. We check out their brand new TEC EVO.




  • Andy Kiesewetter's profile image
    I talked to Uwe Schüttler a couple months ago about a TEC ECU for a friend of mine in the US ...
    great guy and I didn't even have to talk in english as he's german descent ;)

    What I didn't know at that time and what Uwe told me, is that Electromotive basically invented the 60-2 Trigger pattern, which is now known as Bosch Motronic.
    Back in the day, Electromotive failed to patent the system worldwide so Bosch copied it and that's what Bosch is now known for.
    But the pioneering and all that was done by Electromotive back in the 80's.
    - KGPerformance Austria
    5 years ago