Engine Failure Data Analysis & More | Today At HPA [UPDATE 296]

SR20 swapped Toyota 86 update, anti-lag, motorsport wheel alignments and more in this [UPDATE] release which came right before members only webinar '296 | Traction Control Strategies'. Details on that below. Enjoy!

0:00 - Introduction to Traction Control Webinar
0:33 - Holley EFI Giveaway
2:35 - SR86 Heartbreak
3:44 - Sump Off
4:41 - So...Why?
5:50 - High Speed Vibrations?
7:05 - Age?
7:47 - Problem Solved - Future Prevention
8:47 - SIERDC: She's All Over Rover
10:00 - You Should Definitely Tell Andre To K-Swap It
11:38 - Engine Failure Data Analysis
14:31 - Anti-Lag IG Post
18:15 - F1 On The Water & The Tuning Fork: Tuned In Podcast
19:55 - LMP2 Wheel Alignment
22:20 - Learn More, Go On.

WEBINAR INFO: Traction control can be a valuable addition to any vehicle that produces more power than it can reliably put to the ground, particularly if it happens to be raining. In this webinar we’ll discuss traction control options and see how these can be applied using the MoTeC M150 ECU.

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