Engine Power GAINS With MORE Reliability? How! [TECH TALK]

What kind of power increase might you expect to get on your LS swap or Chevy LS engine with the fitment of a dry sump?

Due to reduced windage losses and increased pressure differentials across the piston rings a dry sump system can not only provide increased reliability due to a constant supply regardless of the g-forces on the engine, but also a slight power increase as Bill Dailey from Dailey Engineering explains to Andre at the 2018 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show.

Discussed is how the vacuum is controlled, some of the potential gains you might expect from an LS crate motor and others depending on your ring tension and also how monitoring this vacuum and the pumps performance can also give an indication of your engines overall health. Lastly Bill covers some of the factors that go into deciding, or even dictating, how many scavenge stages you might expect to use on an engine.

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