European OEM Reflash Tuning | bFlash [TECH TALK]

 BMW, VW, Mercedes, Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche. Why are these and other European marques often not as well supported in the aftermarket as Japanese and American brands and is there an easier way than manually defining tables yourself?

In part, we can thank the security of Bosch and Siemens ECUs according to Aurelien Turban of bFlash Bespoke ECU Programming as he discusses how reading and writing to an ECU is only part of the tuning process, and where the difficulties lay in allowing tuners to do their job between.

Discussed are the possibilities to define the tables within an ECU with software like WinOLS to be tuned using the OBD2 port, bench flashing or boot flashing where physical modifications might be required, but also how this is a very different skillset to EFI tuning itself despite that being the goal.

Through their B&C Consulting arm and bFlash platform however, there is a way for commercial shops to avoid the need to do this step themselves with different levels of access available at different price points. While this is not a cheap option for those of us looking to tune one vehicle ourselves, it does at least give us the option of having a local tuner do the task for us rather than having no option at all on the table for some vehicles.

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