ex-Worlds Fastest EVO Returns, 4G63 Build | Today At HPA [UPDATE 250]

1100HP 4G63 rebuild, 420HP 13B RX7 tune, TIG Welding and more! This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson ‘250 | Engine Block Preparation’. Details on membership below.

Want to learn how to TIG weld? Check out the latest course release from Nigel Petrie at the ETS Motorsport Fabrication School.

In this [UPDATE] Andre runs through how DOCILE, the JDM Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III, went from reaching its 10-second pass (as a street-legal car) goal on the second run to claiming the outright 'Fastest Mitsubishi 4WD' world record before it was then retired in the late 2000's with that record being broken a few more times since. The details of the planned rebuild with the help of some more modern turbocharger technology than the old HKS T51R SPL that this EVO III once used are covered including plans for the cams, pistons and rods plus fuelling using some of the lessons learnt in the past.

Also covered is the FD3S RX7 rotary project that Andre finished tuning using the Adaptronic ECU. While we were aiming for around 400HP at 15 PSI due to the 13B being stock internally and having an unknown history the car has finished up a little higher with 422HP at the hubs. The BorgWarner EFR 8474 and Turblown Engineering kit has impressed with its low down response which will give the RX7 great performance on the street.

00:00 Intro
00:37 DOCILE 101
02:27 Drag Car Suspension
03:00 The Plan?
06:33 OG Exhaust Manifold
11:49 FD3S RX7 Update
19:56 ETS Fab - New Course!
22:57 Breakaway Fuel Lines
24:05 RB26 Drag Car with Dom from TRP

WEBINAR INFO: A factory block is understandably fine for a stock application but when the power and rpm starts to increase significantly from stock, there are some key modifications you can make to help with reliability. In this webinar we’ll cover off what you should be doing and how to achieve it.

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