Excessive Exhaust Smoke? This Might FIX Your Problem | Turbosmart [TECH NUGGET]

Does your turbocharged high-performance engine pump out a lot of blue or white smoke?

A potential cause of this issue, particularly with ball bearing turbos, is an oversupply of oil to the turbo which can force its way past the turbine seals and into the exhaust housing where it then burns off. Turbosmart have a simple solution in the form of their OPR T40 oil pressure regulator that is easy to install and maintains a steady 40 PSI of oil pressure to the turbo which is in line with the manufacturer's recommended amount for many turbo setups.
If your ball bearing turbocharged performance vehicle is smoking at idle or at the end of a run on the drag strip then checking your turbos oil pressure supply to see if this could be your simple fix.

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